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Nintendo Cheat codes : For Beginners

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This Article shows the difference between codes on Various emulation.

First, Cheat codes look alittle different, depending upon the system.
For example:
Using the FCEUultra:
Infinite lives for Super Mario Bros is 075A006

When using the FCEUx emulator:
--Infinite lives for Super Mario Bros is 075A06
(also written {using a space} as 075a 06)
Go to
The top of Emulator screen on FCEUx, where it says:
File NES Config Tools Debug Help
Then, go to TOOLS.
Then, go to CHEATS.
Then, go to ADDRESS,
and type the first 4 digits (example: 075A).
Then, go to VALUE,
and type the last digits (example: 06)

Then, you may name the code if desired (Example: Infinite lives).
Then, PRESS ADD (in order to save the code permanently.
(you may also alter or update a code). DONE.

WHEN using the Virtua NES emulator:
Infinite lives for Super Mario Bros is 075A-01-06

Also note: when using higher suffix codes,
it's necessary to use the decimal system on FCEUultra.

....while the FCEUx uses the hexadecimal system.

This means:
When using FCEUultra, the "075A" start code will be followed by 3 numbers,
.....ranging from 000 to 255. ---In this case, the number is 006.
But, on FCEUx, the "075A" start code will be followed by 2 characters,
......ranging from 00 to FF. ---In this case, the number is 06.

While, Virtua NES uses yet another system, after inputting "075A".
---In this case, it's 01-06

For example:
Mega Float on Super Mario Bros 2:
on FCEUultra: the code is 04C9255
on FCEUx: the code is 04C9FF
(notice how the first four letters are the same,
but, the suffixes are different).
This is the difference between the decimal code & hexadecimal.
One emulator uses the decimal code (the FCEUultra used this method),
......while the newer FCEUx has changed their cheat system to hexadecimal.
This is NOT a huge factor when using codes for Infinite Lives.
Simply add an extra Zero when using the decimal system.
(example: 075A 06 for FCEUx,
or 075a 006 for FCEUultra.}

But, when using larger codes, the conversion is more complicated.
For example: INFINITE ENERGY for Super Mario Bros 2.
On FCEUultra, the code is 04C2031 .... Notice 04C2 031.
but, on FCEUx, the code is 04C21F .... Notice 04C2 1F.
They've simply changed the 3-digit suffix into a 2-digit suffix.

However, Virtua NES uses a different method.
so, if you want Infinite energy on Super Mario Bros 2;
the code is 04C2-01-1F.
(Notice how ALL codes share the same "04C2" prefix codes.
But, in the case of Virtua NES, they require a "-" afterward.
then, apparently, they require the number 01, although I haven't figured out why.
Finally, they require another "-", ending with the 1F suffix code.

Now, here's a final twist to the never-ending saga:
Back during the 1980's, these same codes worked on the original N.E.S.
However, they used a slightly different format.
Back then, Infinite energy for Super Mario 2 would read as follows: 0004C21F


Now, here's a simple instruction on how to input codes.

FOR FCEUx: Load a game
go to "Tools"
go to "Cheats"
then, go to "address" and type the first 4 numbers/letters.
(example: for lives in Super Mario 2, type in 04ED)
then, go to "Value" and type in the 2-digit suffix code.
(or, in the case of FCEUultra, it's a 3-digit code).
In this case, the 2-digit suffix code is 07.

..... although, this suffix number can often be altered/changed.
IF desired, you may also give the code a name.
then, finally, click "ADD".
and , make sure the Star/asterisk appears next to the code.
(this activates the code during gameplay)
(when the asterisk is removed, the code is then, not-in-use).


Now,when using Virtua NES
First Load a game.
Then, click "tool".
Then, click "Cheat Code (C)"
Then, click "Input".
Then, where it says "CODE INPUT", type in a cheat code.
For example: in Super Mario Bros,
type in the code 075A-01-06 for Infinite Lives.
You may also type in "infinite lives" into the "Comment".
Then click "OK".
If done correctly, the cheat code will show.
Don't forget to click "Save" if you wish to use the code at a later time.

ONE FINAL NOTE: Occasionally, some specific Cheats require 2 codes, rather than 1.
In this case; Naturally, you should type the codes separately.
For example:
Invincibility for Super Mario Bros requires 2 codes.
on Virtua NES, it would be 0754-01-00 + 0756-01-02.
Obviously, each code should be Inputted separately. "one-at-a-time".

On FCEUx, the same codes would read much simpler:
0754 00 + 0756 02 .

and, as you might expect, the code using FCEUultra requires a 3-digit suffix
0754 000 + 0756 002.

I consider FCEUx to be the best emulator.
Although the cheat code list was made prior to its release.

In other words, I made the Cheats before FCEUx was available.
That's why the code list seems to be optimized for the older FCEUultra emulator.

...and, needless to say, the GameGenie section, will require codes made by Galoob.
These codes can also be found on,
......Okay, that's all for now. Take care, and, Good Luck.

(1st draft, ver. 01)